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Raw Pet Feeding Supplies – Cwmbran


Our raw feeding shop is now located at:
Raw Feeding Cwmbran
54 Victoria Street
Old Cwmbran
NP44 3JN

Car Park and Entrance at rear. Access via Oldbury Road, between the old What! shop and Lizzy’s cafe.

07581 592 206 – John Glen

Traditionally fed to Working Dogs, but may also be suitable for other carnivores, we supply competitively priced raw dog food (raw meat, raw meaty bones and mince meats) to owners feeding their dog(s) the raw meaty bone (RMB) or BARF raw dog food diets. Raw dog food can be collected from us in Cwmbran by appointment.

All the raw meaty bones, raw dog meat and pet mince products we stock originate from “human grade” sources.

We don’t process any meats ourselves – we buy in bulk from reputable suppliers. We never stock anything that we won’t feed to our own dogs – and we only feed our dogs top quality products!

Our prices are per KG or per lb (454g) – when comparing with other suppliers and pet shops, bear in mind that minces are often sold in 300g or 400g packs.

Please contact us if you require any raw feeding products not listed.

We have been feeding our own dogs a raw diet since 2006 – and we researched and dabbled with “recreational raw” for a few years beforehand.

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Raw Pet Feeding Supplies – Cwmbran
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