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All Weather Dog Walkers Terms & Conditions

The Service is provided by J & P Glen t/a All Weather Dog Walkers (AWDW) and anyone working on AWDW’s behalf.

The Client is the Owner of the dog, or the empowered representative of the Owner.

All Clients are deemed to have accepted AWDW’s Terms and Conditions.

The Client must disclose all material information to AWDW about the dog and advise any new or changes to such material information throughout the period when AWDW undertake Services for the Client, including:

  • any behavioural, injury or medical condition including issues such as anti-social behaviour, aggression, the need to be muzzled, conditions such as incontinence, vomiting, diarrhoea, travel sickness and mobility problems
  • any obedience training issues
  • any prey drive or chase instincts that could cause injury, distress or alarm to people or animals, or damage to property

AWDW reserve the right to refuse to provide Services for any dog which AWDW consider to be unsuitable for such services. Failure on the part of the Client to disclose any matter which would make the dog unsuitable for Services will also terminate the agreement.

The Client will ensure the dog is wearing a suitable collar or harness and provide a suitable lead. The Control of Dogs Order 1992 requires all dogs in a public place to wear an identification tag displaying the owners name, address (including postcode) and telephone number(s). AWDW reserve the right to refuse to provide Services if the method of control or restraint is unsuitable or if the dog it is not wearing a correct  ID tag. The Client will be liable for any fine or penalty for breach of The Control of Dogs Order 1992.

The Microchipping of Dogs (Wales) Regulations 2015 requires all dogs to be microchipped and the records to be kept up to date. The Client will be liable for any fine or penalty for breach of the Regulation.

It is the Clients responsibility that the equipment provided to control the dog is safe and secure. AWDW will not be liable for any faults in this equipment which results in an accident or injury or damage to property.

The Clients dog will be walked on a lead unless prior arrangement has been agreed with AWDW.

The Client must provide AWDW with a name and contact telephone number of someone empowered to make decisions relating to the dog in an emergency. In the event that AWDW are unable to contact the Client or a nominated representative, the Client empowers AWDW to make decisions on their behalf. The Clients veterinary surgeon details will be recorded and, where possible, they, or another veterinary surgeon, will be contacted if AWDW are unable to communicate with the client or their representative.

In the event of an emergency, AWDW will make decisions and take action in the interest of the Clients dog and, when appropriate, AWDW will seek the advice and guidance of a veterinary surgeon without the Clients prior consent. The Client accepts responsibility for all veterinary fees, howsoever incurred.

The Client will ensure, and provide evidence at AWDW’s request that the dog is vaccinated and treated for flea, parasites and worms as advised by the Clients veterinary surgeon.

AWDW reserve the right to shorten or terminate any Service due to unforeseen circumstances or extreme weather conditions if the safety of any person or animal is at risk ie: sickness, injury, extreme temperature, thunder and lightening etc.

AWDW reserve the right to shorten or terminate any Service if any dog displays distress or if  a dog’s behaviour is deemed anti-sociable, dangerous or uncontrollable.

The Client must hold an insurance policy which will indemnify the Client and/or AWDW jointly and severally in respect of liability for the actions of the dog.  AWDW’s Public Liability insurance does not cover the Clients liability.  AWDW may refuse or terminate Services for a Client which is not so insured by either a specific pet or home insurance policy.

AWDW will not accept liability for any loss, injury or death of any animal either inside or away from the Clients household whilst in our care. Any such matter, howsoever occurring, will be referred to AWDW’s insurers.

The Client is responsible for restricting the dogs access within their household including when it is likely the dog could be returned dirty and wet. AWDW will not be held responsible for any damage caused by the dog in its own household.

AWDW reserve the right to visit or collect the dog within a 60 minute window of the time(s) specified. AWDW’s schedule is occasionally unavoidably disrupted by animals displaying unpredictable behaviour, injury or sickness, or adverse weather or traffic conditions.

Bookings for Services which are cancelled by the Client with less than 24 hours notice will attract the full fee as though the service or sale had taken place.

Any request to deviate from prearranged or regular times will be subject to availability.

Variations to this cancellation policy are at the discretion of AWDW and will not be based upon any precedent.

AWDW reserve the right to cancel the agreement at any time.

All Fees for Services must be paid in advance or on the day of the Service unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed.

AWDW reserve the right to alter charges/fees at any time.

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