Raw Feeding – Diatomaceous Earth – Cwmbran

Raw Feeding – Diatomaceous Earth – Cwmbran

It took us a while to source our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth – it’s not the cheapest, we don’t buy from eBay(!), but we do buy in bulk and pass those savings on to our raw feeding customers 🙂

This is our suppliers description:

“Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is the purest, freshwater “Food Grade” diatomaceous earth available in the UK, it comes from our very own deposits therefore we are able to supply the highest purity D.E. It is a “Food Chemicals Codex” grade diatomaceous earth. When using any diatomaceous earth product around humans or animals it is always preferable to use a “Codex” standard D.E. Every batch is analysed in order to maintain only the high standards of purity which comply with “Food Chemicals Codex” levels. Our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is a white sedimentary mineral which is made up almost entirely from the fossilized remains of diatoms. Due to the unique microscopic structure of its particles it acts against insects and internal parasites through absorption. It is non-toxic and safe for the environment. We do not make claims about internal benefits from human consumption due to the prohibitive expense of the clinical trials that would be required in order to legally substantiate those claims. However, Diaguard® is as pure and safe( if not purer and safer!) as any other diatomaceous earth product which is actively promoted for internal consumption.”

“Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is a natural supplement which strongly discourages parasites. D.E. is made from “Food grade”, ‘Codex’ grade milled Diatomaceous Earth, its microscopic sharpness causes many internal parasites to be scratched and dehydrated, leading to death. This 100% natural product will also address mineral deficiencies and improve animals overall well-being, making them less susceptible to parasite infestation in the first place. D.E offers 15 trace minerals as well as available silica which once digested, improves mineral metabolism and bone health. Diatomaceous Earth has a neutral pH and acts as a buffer in animals stomachs creating a constantly neutral pH which results in an unsuitable environment for the feeding and reproduction of parasites as well as creating an optimum environment for the animals’ digestive systems. D.E is a “Food Chemicals Codex” grade Diatomaceous Earth. When using any Diatomaceous Earth product around humans or animals it is always preferable to use a “Codex” standard D.E.”

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